Will Time Heal?

“This world was never empty,
only the beliefs.
(so much to see, feel, experience,
so much to become).
We all have gone through good and bad mood phases. There are certain persons, things or events which usually decides or rule our mood. But do you all ever feel sad and dont even know the reason behind it.”

She ask the reason of this sadness with her mind. It puzzles her up. Nothing went bad, nothing had happened, nothing hurts her, still sometimes there’s a basket of sadness in her mind.
A overthiking which obviously sucks up. A overthinking with no meaning at all.
A thought of getting hurt tensed up. Nobody hurts her, and if anyone do, she didn’t care for that. Why she don’t care? She should care. She’s too a human. A human with lots of emotions and feelings. A human who cares and think about others but never shows out. A human who laughs on small petty things. A human who got hurt but never shows up.
A frustration of life problems. What problems? She’s calling her problems so called life problems. She, whose parents never let her to stay alone, will leave her in problems? She, who never strived for anything and will never strive, calling her small tensions, a life problem?

She, who has dreams which requires struggle, has become a burden in recent years, is a life problem? No! Problem is not with her life, but the problem is in her.

She judged wrong, as she never clear herself, she never argue on being judged wrong by others and even by her close ones. Okay! She’s peaceful. But why? What’s the meaning of this peaceful nature if she’s not being able to clear herself?

But what she can do, just a regret and a hope, time will heal these.

“Time heals everything you have heard that somewhere and you badly pray that this unknown sadness is healed with it.”

A new question revolts in her mind,

“Will Time Heal”?

Still, she has no answers!

Thank you!

BFF’s Birthday!

It is your birthday, and I don’t know where to start. There are so many things I’d like to say at the end on your special day that I literally could not fit into this article. So let me start by saying the most obvious thing: You’re my best friend. (Duh)

Since the moment you walked into my life, we got along just perfectly. You were like the perfect piece to my puzzle. Not that anything was missing, but you became a part of me and you made me better than I was without you. I know you’re probably laughing right now thinking this is super corny. Sure, me too.

One thing that amazes me is your unconditional form of giving. Anytime I need something, you never hesitate to offer and even more. If I happen to have a bad day, you listen to my problems and you reassure me that it will pass. And when I need your shoulder to cry on, you never hesitate to snap me back into reality and tell me to stay strong. You give me so much strength and you’ve taught me to make this my lifestyle.

Everywhere you go, you light up everyone’s day. You really are a sight for sore eyes and you know it. You are thoughtful, compassionate, and your vibes are nothing but happiness. I know you don’t have a boyfriend right now, but the day someone is interested in you, they better be damn great. You’re the prettiest, the sweetest, the cutest, simply the best and more.

We did our best to make your day special. And if something hurted you today, I sorry for that. I hope you loved our gift. You can complaint if something had happen bad fortunately or unfortunately. I hope you’re getting my point. I gave my second letter to you, even though I know, I didn’t write much in that, but I wrote whatever has came in my heart. I want you to keep them safely. And I know that you had written something for me before my birthday, but you didn’t given me that till now. 😂. I wish, I’ll read that someday. 😎
And what can I say more, I really wished for a peaceful life for you. I hope God will complete my wish.
So, it’s an additional small gift for you. A blog for you on my dearest website.
Happiest Seventeen’s to you..! ❤

A Road To Discovery

Miles away,
somewhere deep down in the corner
of her soul,
she found freedom.

Miles away,
somewhere deep down in the heart
of her mind,
she found that love.

Miles away,
somewhere deep down in the light
of her dark,
she found lost concern.

Miles away,
somewhere deep down in the rain
of her tears,
she found eternal peace.

Miles away,
somewhere deep down in the wind
of her past,
she found her today.

Miles away,
somewhere deep down in the sky
of her night,
she found the moon.

Miles away,
somewhere deep down in the world
of her lives,
she found herself.

Miles away,
somewhere deep down in discovery
of her path,
she found her road.

-DearMeInYou ❤

A Prayer Were Answered

It was mid summer afternoon, a girl was going to attend her classes after a very tired schedule. Her throat was droughting and the mind was dying. Having a burden of next task with a smile on her face, she reached a juice shop to alive her mind and throat. She asked for a glass of orange juice. The shopkeeper said her to wait.

She’s waiting under the shade near a shop while thinking about her life. She’s complaining to God for whatever she don’t have and whatever she’s doing in her life. She was praying to God to give some peace in her life. She was asking a lot of questions to God. She’s praying for her answers. She really wanted a break from all the stuffs. She wanted to end her life. The stress of her mind, killed and depressed her from inside.

At an instant, she saw a child of aged 5-6 years, crying near to her. He’s crying for some food and drink as his mother left him somewhere. He’s starving with hot and hunger.
That child stopped crying when she looked at him. He stood up and started stepping towards her. He came near to her with a hope in his eyes. The tears in child’s eyes, made her so emotional. She had tears in her eyes when the kid spreaded his hand towards her. That kid, with a cute smile and tears, asked to her for a glass of juice.

The girl was still looking in his eyes. She bursted in tears from inside. She’s was criticizing herself for complaints, she’s doing with God. She felt the misery of the small kid. She realized that God had answered her prayers and complaints. She realized that she’s so blessed that she’s living a life, filled with shelter, food, parents, money and education. She’s about to cry, suddenly, that child grabbed her fingers to wake her up from her thoughts. The feeling when he grabbed her finger was very peaceful and she lost.

The girl laid down on her knees and wiped the child’s tears and her inside tears too. The child smiled back to her. Then, a sound arrived,
“Ma’am your juice is ready”.
She asked that child,
“Do you want that juice”?
He said “YES!” by moving his head.

She took that child to the juice shop and made him to drink that juice glass. The sight of happiness in the eyes of child, not only alive her mind and throat, but her heart too. She forgot her thirst. She forgot her life pains. That child had tears in his eyes, not of starvation but of happiness.

A cute smile appeared on his face. This made that girl so devoted and soulful.

Suddenly, she realized that she’s getting late for her class. She paid to the shopkeeper and left. When she turned back after some 4-5 steps, she saw, the child was still looking at her, he’s saying goodbye with his teary eyes. The girl smiled back and left.

And from that time to till now, she never saw that child again. God had sent that child to answer her prayers and to let her to realize her mistakes.

The only thing she realised,
we never feel blessed with whatever we have.

The human nature is confusing. We always criticize God for not giving us what we don’t have. We never say thanks to God.

Whenever we pray,
We pray for more wealth.
We pray for our happiness.
We pray for our good health.
We pray for our comfort.

We never pray for the misery of others.
We never pray for the happiness of others.
We never pray for the good health of others.
We never think of praying for others.

“It’s nice when you pray for something, but it becomes more nice when you got answers of your prayers.”

She always remember one thing,
“Your prayers for someone, may or may not bless them, but it blesses your inner soul.”

And that’s how a prayer were answered.

Thank you!

A Void

She don’t know what’s really going on in her life from the past 2 weeks. Life has become stressed, dramatic and awful.
There’s no peace of mind.
There’s no value of heart.
There’s no time for myself.
There’s no time for anyone.
She may look active and happy from outer core, but only she knows what she’s feeling from her inner soul.
A lot of work, thoughts and a strange feeling eats her up. She tried to avoid them, but it’s becoming more and more silly everyday.
Whenever she look around, only thing she’s noticing is grief. Grief among family, friends, strangers and whole world. That’s never happened with her, but don’t know why it’s happening in recent weeks. She’s feeling like, the world she knows will ends up soon. Everything will be destroyed.
She knows that she’s no one to talk about these things. But she can’t do anything, she really have to express this.
The night sleeps are disturbed.
The morning thoughts has burned up.
Chats with everyone has become formal.
She’s literally feeling like, the time is slipping from her hands. And she really don’t know why she’s thinking this? What kind of time is slipping from her hands?
She’s feeling like her nightmares is staring her from some corner. Which nightmare? She never had a nightmare. Why she’s thinking this?
She’s observing crossing among everyone. What kind of crosses? There’re no crossing among anyone? What kind of crossings she’s thinking about?
Oh! Thissss feels so bad when she can’t able to answer her own questions.
A strange fear sucks her up. A fear of nothing but a scary feeling.
A feeling of lost.
A feeling of humiliation.
A feeling of dullness.
Her mind which is used to filled up with a large number of thoughts and dreams, has a void.
Life has become ” A Clock Without Time” a life with no productivity.

“A Void In Her Mind In Recent Weeks”

Seventeenth Birthday!

I woke up this morning, officially a year older.
A new Year!
A new beginning!
A new phase!
Time seriously flies and there was a time in my life when I could not even imagine being in my seventeens. Okay!

Like everyone, my birthday is all about wishes and party. I’m thankful to God and most to my parents and destiny. My parents introduced me to this world and destiny introduced me to my special ones.
Sometimes I find it so strange that I never say “thanks” to my parents on my birthday’s. I just demand money and permission with them to celebrate my birthday’s. I felt so bad for this but I feel shy to say this to them. Anyways!

After 3 years, I will gonna complete another decade of my life from now. My 17 is arrived. A year is deducted from my life span. But, I become a year older too and I’m glad for that.
My birthday’s always reminds me the meaning of my life. It reminds me my ambitions, goals and everything. It teaches me valuing myself for a long life span. I know, I will came across to so many things in future. I know I’ll enter in different phases like career, marriage, old age and my last journey.
One wish I always ask to God on my birthday’s is

“A peaceful life for everyone, for my parents, loved ones and of course for all the whole world”.

This time I thought that I’ll celebrate this birthday either with my family or by distributing some food items among needy people. But, my parents don’t give much attention and I can’t help needy people (as everybody thoughts I’m doing dramas to get attention). But, once in my lifetime, I will definitely help needy people on my birthday. That’s my wish on this birthday. I wanna see happiness on their faces. I wanna see tears of happiness in their eyes. I want their blessings. I wanna share some misery and grief of theirs. I hope, I set up my career as soon as possible and help them.
And I also want to make my parents proud. To make them to feel that they had given the birth to their proud. Everyone says that they’re gonna do this change or that change in themselves after their birthday’s. I think that’s not important at all.
Like always, some of very close friends of mine wish me exactly at 12AM, it really feels so special. It’s the only day when I feel myself as a celebrity 😂. Morning starts with replying “thanks” and ends with same.
I literally cries on night before my birthday’s. I just ask to God to pardon me for my past years mistakes which I had done fortunately or unfortunately.
Last year, I was sad at the end of my birthday as I knew that I have to wait for a year to feel this day again.
As I already mentioned, time flies and I experienced it. A year passed so frequently.
And I wish that I’ll celebrate my every birthday with the people with whom I celebrate in my present times.
A Very Happy Seventeens To Me!
Thank You!

I’m thinking of ending things

I’m thinking of ending things. Once this thought arrives, it stays. It sticks. It lingers. It’s always there. Always.

In this deeply suspenseful and irresistibly unnerving debut novel, a man and his girlfriend are on their way to a secluded farm. When the two take an unexpected detour, she is left stranded in a deserted high school, wondering if there is any escape at all. What follows is a twisted unraveling that will haunt you long after the last page is turned.

And most shocking thing for me when I completed the novel, was that, the characters of novel ( JAKE AND LUCY) doesn’t exist. They’re the imagination of old aged Jake who was a janitor in an old deserted high school. He recalls his life memories in his way before ending things. Okay! I’m not spoiling this novel. But I highly recommend it to read once.

Here, I’m sharing 10 things that really touched my heart:

1) “we don’t know all the answers, that we can’t explain it all, like space. Maybe we’re not supposed to know all the answers. Questions are good. They’re better than answers. If you want to know more about life, how we work, how we progress, it’s questions that are important. That’s what pushes and stretches our intellect. I think questions make us feel less lonely and more connected. It’s not always about knowing.

2) A memory is its own thing each time it’s recalled. It’s not absolute. Stories based on actual events when share more with fiction than fact. Both fictions and memories are recalled and retold. They’re both forms of stories. Stories are the way we learn. Stories are how we understand each other. But reality happens only once.”

3) Part of everything will always be
forgettable. No matter how good or remarkable it is. It literally has to be. To be.”

4) “Depression is a serious illness. It’s physically painful, debilitating. And you can’t just decide to get over it in the same way you can’t just decide to get over cancer. Sadness is a normal human condition, no different from happiness. You wouldn’t think of happiness as an illness. Sadness and happiness need each other. To exist, each relies on the other.

5) “I don’t mind uniqueness,” I say. “Even things that are very unique. I like things that are different.
( I like this line as I think this too.)

6) It’s so rare for others to know everything we’re thinking. Even those we’re closest to, or seemingly closest to. Maybe it’s impossible. Maybe even in the longest, closest, most successful marriages, the one partner doesn’t always know what the other is thinking. We’re never inside someone else’s head. We can never really know someone else’s thoughts. And it’s thoughts that count. Thought is reality. Actions can be faked.

7) It’s amazing that relationships can form and last under the constraints of never fully knowing. Never knowing for sure what the other person is thinking. Never knowing for sure who a person is. We can’t do whatever we want. There are ways we have to act. There are things we have to say. But we can think whatever we want.

8) The most important things are perpetually overlooked. Until something like this. then they are impossible to ignore. What does that say? We’re mad at these limits and needs. Human limits and fragility. You can’t be only alone. Everything’s both ethereal and clunky. So much to depend on, and so much to fear. So many requirements.

9) Allegory, elaborate metaphor. We don’t just understand or recognize significance and validity through experience. We accept, reject, and discern through examples.

10) Maybe that’s how we know when a relationship is real. When someone else previously unconnected to us knows us in a way never thought or believed possible.

Rain, Snow Or Storm?

Life or Rain are alike,
just like a rain cycle
life cycle moves.
condensation process rhymes with birth,
evaporation process matches with death,
dropping and life path are one and the same,
falling in water bodies is our old age.

Life or Snow are alike,
just like a snowfall
life is quite.
falling of snow equates with problems,
sound of fall ties with pain.
speed of snow ball peer with thoughts,
white colour seems the peace of soul.

Life or Storm are alike,
just like a storm
life is horn.
blowing of wind tends to time,
dust meets with the memories of mind.
damage by it combines with heart,
and a rise from it unites by search.

– Dear Me In You

Destiny’s Fault?

forever is too short
Is that
Destiny’s Fault..?

our desires roast
Is that
Destiny’s fault?

our peace lost
Is that
Destiny’s fault?

our happiness exhaust
Is that
Destiny’s fault?

our heart frost
Is that
Destiny’s fault?

our voice accost
Is that
Destiny’s fault?

our tears distraught
Is that
Destiny’s fault?

our life distort
Is that
Destiny’s fault?

For every ups and downs in our life, we blame destiny. Is really destiny responsible?
For every mis-happenings in our life, we are responsible.
One of the most complex things to understand is human nature. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to be decode it. My topic of concern is that aspect of human nature which made us think, we are victims.
I’m not saying that people don’t suffer. Yes! Everyone suffers.
When something happens with you, oh, why it is happening with me and you forget what you yourself have done. See, heaven and hell are all on earth itself, your Karma always plays a role. when nature is taking troll on us now. You yourself is responsible for it, somehow and due to this, innocents are also suffering.
I expressed this as I experienced it.

Thank You!


A loud sound of heart, screams on my chest.

My words take rest, meanings become stressed.

My said feelings messed, me roaming to address.

My world is a crest, filled with a threat.

My silence is a guest, speaks aloud than request.

– Dear Me In You

“When the soul lies down in the grass, the world is too full to talk about”

(The sound of silence has become elusive in this age of noise despite the dignity of quiet activities.)

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